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AIS - Subsea Asset Protection

External cable monitoring to protect your offshore assets

Proactive cable monitoring to prevent damages caused by external factors

Subsea cables are exposed to external risk factors, such as fishing and anchoring activities, that can lead to failures of the cable assets.To prevent damages which are caused by such external impacts, proactive monitoring can be used. With our Automatic Identification System (AIS), we provide a solution that monitors your assets and helps to prevent such damages.
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How does the AIS work?

Vessels carry AIS transponders which regularly transmit messages that contain a wealth of data such as location, type, vessel name, navigational status, heading, speed, and MMSI number. All this data is received by AIS receivers and transferred into our AIS monitoring centre. Alltogether, the data collection allows for showcasing the movement of the marine traffic in real-time and for monitoring the vessel traffic in a specific area, such as along the cable route.
When analyzing risk factors for a specific cable asset, multiple factors are taken into account. Defined protection zones and a tailor-made monitoring strategy help to specifically identify external risks around the cable asset and trigger alarms to prevent any damage to the cable. The monitoring strategy includes results of a detailed desktop study and risk analysis which is based on parameters such as fishing, shipping and transit activities, cable burial assessment, existing subsea infrastructure, bathymetry, seabed sediments and benthic ecology (fish, shellfish, etc.). Custom rules are defined to monitor vessel behaviour within the protection zones and whenever an unusual vessel activity is identified in the vicinity of the cable, alert is triggered and notification is sent. This makes it possible to either contact a vessel to prevent it from damaging the cable or to use this information following an outage to see which vessel may have caused the outage. Detailed analysis of alerts helps to paint an accurate picture of where risk is prevalent and enables to streamline more effective mitigation plans for the future.
Cable Monitoring

The benefits of AIS monitoring

  • Reduce risk of external damage: Proactive monitoring of the subsea assets and Marine Liaison activities increases reliability of the system
  • Faster reaction times in case of damage: Frequent analysis of the monitoring data could help in proactive planning for future threats to the asset
  • Easy identification of responsible vessel: Access to historic data to serve as evidence in the event of cable damage which makes it easier to reclaim repair costs

Components of our AIS Subsea Asset Protection

Monitoring Software 

  • Project set-up, create protection zones and define alert rules
  • Live cable monitoring integrated with AIS data feed
  • Warning alerts to notify unusual activity around the asset

24/7 Monitoring 

  • Investigation of the vessel threats in the asset region
  • Intervention planning based on asset threat analysis
  • Proactive alert validation and communication

Marine Liaison

  • Detailed desktop study to create a liaison plan
  • Proactively communication for asset safety
  • Port tours and other cable awareness activities

Analysis and Reporting

  • Periodic reports contemplating historic trend analysis
  • Information on alerts, interventions, major threats etc.
  • Risk mitigation plan based on asset threat analysis

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