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Our High Voltage Testing Services

AC Site Acceptance Testing for Your Cable System

NKT has a fleet of mobile resonant test systems to conduct HV tests of your cables. This equipment can be used to conduct commissioning tests of your newly installed cables, recommissioning of repaired systems before reenergizing them and periodic testing of systems or spares to assess their condition.
Specifications of a mobile resonant HV test system:
  • Rated voltage: 260 kV
  • Rated current: 83 A
  • Inductance: 16.2 H
HV mobile test trailer

We are your partner for testing of your cable system

Omicron MPD 600 for the measurement of Partial Discharge.
To ensure we meet your specific requirements, equipment can easily be combined. Thus, we are flexible in testing at even higher voltages and currents. We also own specialized equipment for additional tests, for example Omicron MPD 600 for the measurement of Partial Discharge.
With our equipment and with our well-qualified test engineers we are your partner for commissioning and recommissioning as well as periodic condition assessment of your cable system or spares.

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) of a cable system after installation or before reenergizing after repair work:

  • Can be part of turnkey cable installation projects or cable repairs
  • Confirms integrity and quality of workmanship in accordance with standard requirements
  • Allows to avoid costly outages before going into operation
  • Highlights areas to monitor in the future

Periodic testing of cable system or spare cable:

  • Gives insights into the system's condition and its evolution
  • Allows to spot issues to identify and execute remedial actions before an incident occurs
Cable Testing

We serve your specific requirements

No matter if you require tests according to commonly used standards or if you have specific requirements, we can provide you with the best solution. 

Tests can be executed in accordance with commonly used standards (e.g. IEC 60840 / IEC 62067):

  • Test voltage: 1.1 to 2.0 x U0
  • Test voltage frequency: 20 Hz to 300 Hz
  • Duration of test-cycle: 60 minutes

We can also perform tests in accordance with your specific requirements, for example:

  • Different test voltages or test duration
  • Partial discharge (PD) measurement
  • Line impedance resonance analysis (LIRA)
  • Time domain reflectometry (TDR)
  • Zero and positive impedance test
  • Conductor resistance measurement
  • Outer sheath test
  • Cross-bonding check
  • Method-statement or reporting requirements
HV mobile test trailer
HV mobile test trailer
HV mobile test trailer
HV mobile test trailer

Quality guarantee by our experienced HV testing engineers

Across multiple sites we have numerous engineers who are experienced in HV testing and ensure that test are always conducted in accordance with your requirements and meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Exemplary profiles of our test engineers:

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HV mobile test trailer

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