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Solutions for leaking oil cables

Environmentally friendly, cost efficient and less digging needed

Oil-filled cables are prone to leakage, which can result in cable unavailability due to failure, costs for repair and environmental damage. Thanks to revolutionary solutions such as Perfluorocarbon tracer (PFT) and Self-healing fluid, pinpointing and controlling oil leaks becomes much easier.
Cable workers repairing high-voltage cable

PFT - Perfluorocarbon tracer

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Perfluorocarbon tracer can be seen as a breakthrough innovation. It is used for oil leak detection and operates within a short period of time. Low pressure oil-filled cable systems (LPOF) have been operating for more than 60 years. Some cable systems are being exchanged with XLPE cables, however many are still in operation. It can occur that damages are caused by civil works, tree roots, movements in the ground or simply the ageing of the cable. The oil pressure of LPOF cable systems needs to be controlled regularly to recognise any oil loss. As long as the minimum oil pressure of the cable is not lower than the requirement, the system can be kept operating.
In order to pinpoint the oil leak, the tracer is injected into the damaged cable and in the short-term, it leaks into the environment. The highly volatile PFT compounds evaporate from the oil, permeate through the ground and can be picked up using highly advanced detection technology. Then, they can be detected through atmospheric analysis. In order to establish how much oil has been lost, the oil pressure needs to be measured daily, taking into account factors such as temperature fluctuation.
Any oil leakage is an issue for the ecologic environment, so the problem needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. Local environmental authorities will be informed and will force a fast progress. Then, this is where PFT and SHF come into use.

Anagen - Self-healing fluid

Cable Repair
The purpose of Anagen is to reduce oil leakages in fluid-filled cable systems. Oil filled cables are prone to leakage and cause failure resulting in cable unavailability. This could drive significant repair costs and pose environmental risks. Anagen can help mitigate those risks as well as reduce the need for maintenance activities.

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