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High Voltage Dynamic Cables

Designed to last a lifetime of constant movement

Dynamic cables are characterised by high fatigue endurance and are designed to withstand a lifetime of constant movement. After pioneering the first dynamic HV power cable in the cable industry, we use our expertise today to develop first class customised solutions to ensure the highest reliability.
Dynamic high voltage cable installation offshore off the coast in Norway

Facts about high voltage dynamic offshore cables

  • A dynamic cable will experience more than 100 million wave-induced bending motions over a 30-year time frame
  • These bending cycles, most often in combination with a tensile load, result in repeated stress and strain variations in the internal cable components
  • The design of the dynamic cable is first verified through analysis and simulation of the project and material conditions.
  • The complete cable undergoes electrical, mechanical and fatigue tests simulating the stress it will experience during 30 years of service life.
We have been working with dynamic cables for over a decade and we can see how much the results and the effectiveness has improved by having all area of expertise working agilely side by side. NKT has all the in-house expertise and experience to develop a robust cable system by carefully anticipating all factors affecting the cable during production, installation and in operation. 

NKT Insight

Dynamic high voltage cables – from the world’s first to future applications

Energizing the floating oil and gas platform Gjøa, with power from shore.
Read this article from Erik E.
Image of Erik Eriksson, Senior Engineer at NKT

Martin Linge – high voltage power from shore including a world class dynamic cable.

We supplied the dynamic cable that connects the Martin Linge platform to an FSO (floating storage and offloading vessel) in 2019. The dynamic cable is designed to withstand the motion of the FSO caused by wind, waves and current.

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