Why join NKT?

Seven reasons to join our team

Photo shoot HQ Broendby 2021
When looking for a new job or even just thinking about looking for a new job – we all look for and value different parameters. NKT may not meet all of yours, but we take pride in striving to be the best we can be. For whatever reason you will choose to start your career at NKT, we can promise you an exciting journey!

Finding the right home for your career matters!

Positive Outlook

Our future is bright with a significantly expanding market, high demand for our products an a strongly matching product and service portfolio. The fact that we focus on electrification means we are positioned exceedingly well to capture the tremendous opportunity the market provides. Thus, we can provide opportunity and positive challenges with high job security.

Green agenda & purpose

We have a very strong purpose, which resonates well internally. Additionally, we provide a special duality on sustainability, as we
  • strive to be green ourselves and are one of the front runners on the topic in the cable industry and
  • are a key enabler of the green transition, which holds true for all our activities.​

Company size & capability

We may not be largest cable company, but due to our nimble and agile approach, we are able to successfully play on the same turf; to bid for, win, and execute some of the largest projects our industry has to offer.


We clearly are committed to building enticing development opportunities, which is reflected in our focus on people development in our new HR structure.​ 

Pride & Belonging

We are technology leaders in select areas, providing an exciting high-tech environment, which is rooted in a strong and highly demanded product portfolio.

NKT Culture

We bring a unique cultural blend to the table, which is infused by a Scandinavian undercurrent. Resulting in a flat hierarchy, informal workplace, approachable management and generally people-friendly atmosphere.

Technology & products

What we do is important and has meaning which enables pride in our activities, our achievements, our heritage and our mandate. At the same time, employees can feel "at home" within NKT as a place where they belong to and are embraced for who they are.

"We are technology leaders within HVDC, dynamic power cables and are developing the future of power cables technology. In NKT, we are always looking for new bright minds to join us in creating the technology for more sustainable power transmission."

Anders Jensen, Chief Technology Officer in NKT
Portrait of Anders Jensen

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