Our company culture is created by our Connectors, everyday

    Our shared beliefs help us strengthen it

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    A strong company culture enables success in the short and the long term. At NKT, our culture is driven by a set of shared beliefs that guide the way we behave and how we make decisions in our daily work.   
    We were founded in Copenhagen, Denmark by engineer H. P. Prior in 1891 during the second industrial revolution when electricity started to become a source of domestic and industrial power.  Today, our world-leading cable technologies range from low-voltage building wires that keep the lights on, to medium-voltage cables that connect city grids, to high-voltage cables that transmit renewable power from offshore wind farms.   
    Our purpose goes beyond creating value for shareholders - we connect a greener world for the sake of the planet and future generations. Our company footprint has evolved over our 130 years of history. Today we are a truly international company with strong roots in our Scandinavian heritage.   
    Join a diverse and inclusive company at the fore front of cable technology and solutions supporting the green transition. 

    Remote work possibilities

    Strong safety culture

    Global company & Scandinavian culture

    Exciting career development opportunities

    Flexible working hours

    Hightech industry environment

    Our mission as Connectors is to support the green transition by making the transmission of renewable power as efficient and effective as possible. We can only achieve this as a connected organisation striving for the same goal.

    Alexander Kara, CEO
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    Wind farms are getting larger, international power grids are getting more integrated, solar farms are spreading globally, city grids are being upgraded, and energy security is a hot topic. The green transition will help NKT grow in the coming years, and we need more colleagues and Connectors to help us on our journey to connect a greener world.   
    Are you keen on being a Connector and join us on the journey towards a greener world? 

    Some impression from life at NKT

    HV jointing project - Viking Link
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    NKT Accessories India
    Turnkey high voltage cable installation offshore at Kriegers Flak

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