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Code of conduct

Our commitment to integrity and honesty

Integrity and honesty make up the foundation of trust and ensures our long-term success as we strive to be the leading provider of power cable solutions.
The NKT Code of Conduct describes the fundamental principles and rules that govern the way that our employees and stakeholders are expected to act within our company and in relation to our vendors, business partners and the general public. The principles set out in our Code of Conduct are designed to guide us, help us make the right decisions in internal and business-related actions, and protect us while we are at work.

We respect and comply with applicable laws and regulations and require our employees and business partners to do likewise. Each of us are responsible for following the highest ethical standards of business conduct.

— Claes Westerlind, President and CEO

Values into practice

The NKT Code of Conduct:
  • puts our values into practice
  • provides clear expectations for how we conduct business
  • sets out our expectations towards our business partners
  • serves as a guide for ethical decision-making
  • expresses our commitment to accountability and to promoting integrity in our behaviour
  • protects our business and reputation
Compliance with the NKT Code of Conduct is mandatory for all employees, managers, officers and directors and violations hereof will not be tolerated. Additionally, we expect our business partners (including agents, distributors, suppliers, customers etc.) to comply with the standards and principles outlined in the NKT Code of Conduct when performing work related to or on behalf of NKT.

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Speak up!

Speaking up is a vital part of NKT culture. If employees become aware of an actual or potential violation of the NKT Code of Conduct we encourage everyone to raise this with their respective Manager. If employees do not feel comfortable, or appropriate action is not being taken to address an issue, the Whistle-blower Hotline can be used. Our Ethics & Compliance department can also be contacted for further guidance at
NKT has a strict non-retaliation policy. Reports can be filed anonymously and no employee will suffer retaliation for raising a concern or reporting misconduct in good faith. Business partners and anyone else associated with NKT may also use the Whistle-blower Hotline to report actual or potential serious concerns.