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Welcome to Technology Consulting, Västerås, Sweden

A resource to provide support tailored to meet your technical challenges

The Technology Consulting team has provided cross-disciplinary investigations and solutions, both in long-term assignments and in time-critical investigations, for 100+ years.
Our unique combination of laboratories and competences within mechanics, electrical testing, chemistry and materials, together with unmatched experience from working closely with industry partners from various sectors, makes us the partner of choice in solving technical challenges.
NKT HV Cables has always been one of our major partners, both through our contribution to R&D projects and technology support. Therefore, the move to NKT is an opportunity to deepen our collaboration around cable R&D, while further developing our consulting business towards external industry partners.
Thomas Liljenberg
Director Technology Consulting
Laboratory technician technology consulting

Chemistry & Materials

Thorough knowledge of material properties enables the selection of optimal materials to ensure maintained performance during the whole product life

Lady working in tech lab
An optimal material is processable, durable in operation and meets application requirements, to the right cost. The composition that gives desired physical properties, how production line parameters impact these properties and the effect of the surrounding environment on material properties over time are some of the aspects that are critical to ensure high quality in products.
We are a team of more than 15 highly skilled experts within chemistry and materials, with long experience from working together with various industries to solve materials-related challenges, ranging from unexpected failures to selection of materials and qualification of new suppliers. Our chemistry and materials laboratory is equipped with a broad range of state-of-the-art analytical instruments that provides great flexibility and capability to support in R&D and technical investigations.

We can support in 

  • Material selection                                                                                                                      
  • Material characterization
  • Aging characteristics and lifetime estimation of materials 
  • Compatibility testing
  • Material and chemical composition, trace analysis and impurities detection
  • Process and manufacturing evaluation from a material perspective 
  • Root cause analysis and trouble shooting
  • Corrosion evaluation and surface protection
  • Environmental impact & Chemical legislation
  • Washdown testing of products and components used in Food & Beverage industry
Amir Karim
Manager - Chemistry & Materials

Applied Mechanics

The Applied Mechanics Team supports the industry worldwide in overcoming advanced mechanical challenges at all stages of the product life cycle.

R&D engineer working in test lab
We are a team of 15 experts with decades of experience in a range of applied mechanics areas and unique knowledge on how mechanics apply to products. Our team strives to find dependable solutions to the mechanical challenges faced by our customers. We combine our state-of-the-art laboratories, advanced computational simulation capability and extensive interdisciplinary experience with a keen interest in creative innovation.
Our experiences include seismic verifications of small-scale components and full substations, failure analysis of fractures in off-shore platforms, development of electromagnetic–thermal interaction tools to advance competitiveness, full-scale characterization of subsea cables, and much more.

We can support in

  • Seismic design and verification
  • Analysis of fatigue and fracture failures
  • Mechanics analysis within a Multiphysics environment
  • Design optimization on material and product scales
  • Characterization of mechanical properties of materials
Giampaolo Martufi
Manager - Applied Mechanics

Electrical Testing & Experiments

At the core of many high-voltage solutions lies rock-solid performance of electrical devices. The ability to test the behavior of materials, components and products in a range of scenarios is a corner stone in product management.

two engineers in HV test hall
Development of new products requires characterization of both conducting and insulating materials, as well as a range of tests on prototype components and products. Introduction of new products to the market often requires testing that comply with international standards, conducted by an accredited laboratory, to get necessary certificates. We have world-class resources to support with electrical testing and experiments.

We can support in

  • Certification tests (IEC) for selected products
  • Type tests & Acceptance tests
  • Over-voltage tests
  • Temperature-rise tests
  • Functionality & Development tests
  • R&D testing and measurements
  • Testing of prototypes and new products
  • Partial discharge measurements
Claire Pitois
Manager – Electrical Testing & Experiments

Some impressions of our work

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Engineer testing
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HV cable testing