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Medium Voltage Cable Accessories (12-42 kV)

Making powerful connections throughout the world

As a world-leading supplier of power cable accessories at the top of our game for many decades, we’ve got what it takes to keep you connected. Here at NKT, we develop and manufacture a wide range of medium voltage cable accessories, including cable joints, connectors and terminations for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our versatile product portfolio also features medium voltage branch cabinets, pre-assembled cable links and cable accessories for PILC. Not sure exactly what you need for your project? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise!

Future-proof innovations for MV cables

At NKT, our medium voltage cable accessories provide safe, reliable and durable solutions that are made to last. Thanks to our extensive experience, our renowned engineering expertise and our commitment to continuous development, we are able to offer innovative and future-proof products with a long service life.
Having pioneered silicone rubber terminations 60 years ago, no one knows the benefits of this material as well as we do. That’s why we specialise in medium voltage cable accessories made from silicone rubber. Its exceptional mechanical and electrical properties provide a whole host of benefits, such as the ability to cover a wide range of cable dimensions with fewer joint sizes, its superior electrical insulation, its durability and its eco credentials. What’s more, our products are produced with integrated stress control, insulation and sealing, making them quick and easy to install. And if you do come unstuck, you can count on us to help.

Where are medium voltage cable accessories used?

A better question might actually be, ‘Where aren’t they?’ Medium voltage cable accessories are needed wherever medium voltage cables are used.
  • Commercial, industrial or utility projects
  • New construction projects and facility expansions
  • Examples include paper mills, steelworks, petrochemical plants, textile factories, water treatment plants, automotive manufacturing plants, railways and electricity generating plants

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Discover our full range of medium voltage cable accessories


We have a long and proud history in producing premium medium voltage cable joints. Our cold-shrink joint technology can offer almost any tailor-made solution and provides noticeable cost benefits.

Separable Connectors

Cable connectors for bushings type A and B, known as “250 A” or “400 A”. These are used to connect the cables with transformers or SF6 switchgear.


Terminations for medium voltage cables are essential for connecting the cables to air-insulated switchgear, transformers, overhead lines or busbars.


NKT MV cable accessories for enabling connection and joining of old type paper-insulated lead sheath cables (PILC). Most common application is the transition joint between paper cable and XPLE cable.

Pre-Assembled Connection Cables

NKT pre-assembled connection cables simplify assembly and commissioning of medium voltage compact stations, switchgear, transformers, generators and motors.