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Best-in-class technology

Our innovative products save time during installation and make for a more reliable network

Since the founding of NKT in 1891, we have remained at the forefront of the cable industry, continuously innovating to ensure reliable network operation. Today, our well-trained engineers and culture of excellence are the bedrock that make us one of the technology leaders in the field of cable accessories. Moreover, all NKT accessories are manufactured in our own state-of-the-art facilities in Germany and Sweden.

Best in-class engineering

We are constantly improving our products to make them more reliable, more environmentally friendly and both safer and more convenient for the people working with them. We also constantly look for ways of making them suitable for a wider range of applications and technical challenges.
Two technologies that feature in many of our cable accessories – namely the cold-applied technology and geometric field control elements – will serve to illustrate our engineering expertise.

Cold-applied technology

For a safe, fast and easy installation

All-in-one Joint
Cable accessories that are cold applied come in two different forms. Firstly, they may use a sleeve of silicone insulation that is simply pushed into place. Alternatively, they may be applied with their silicon sleeve stretched onto a spiral device. In both cases, the process is incredibly quick compared with the outdated heat shrink process.
When heat had to be applied by a jointer during installation, there was always the possibility of imperfect results due to the unpredictability of environmental factors and the possibility of human error. By contrast, cold-applied, high-quality silicone insulation sleeves go into place easily and consistently form an even seal. This saves time and money not only during installation but also over the long term as maintenance is reduced. Another important advantage of cold-applied technology is reduced risk to the installer. The use of a direct flame during the old heat shrink process – often in the presence of combustible gasses – was inherently risky. Cold application eradicates this danger and removes the need for hot-work permits.

Geometric field control elements

Reducing the risk of cable failures

Cable failure caused by high frequencies is an ever-present danger in power transmission. Geometric field control elements built into many of our accessories – including all high-voltage accessories – help to prevent this from occurring.
High frequencies are a danger because they cause heat production. This may become so intense that it can even ignite certain cable materials, such as fabrics. If the cable employs the refractive approach to field control, this may actually exacerbate the problem, since it encourages harmonics – precisely the kind of dangerous high frequency that generates high levels of heat.
There is a particular risk of problematic high frequencies occurring in renewable energy applications such as wind turbine connections, since they are particularly exposed to voltages with high and strongly fluctuating frequencies. By using geometric field control elements in our products, we are therefore making an important contribution to the viability of renewable energy networks.

See how the geometric field control works

Premium technology that reduces costs

The chief benefit of our best-in-class technology and engineering is – perhaps unexpectedly – the potential to achieve major cost-savings. If you consider the total cost of owning a cable accessory, factoring in the reduced maintenance required by NKT products over their long operational life, you can see that they represent a very good investment indeed.
This is well illustrated by the geometric field control built into our most of our cable accessories. As we have seen, high frequencies can cause a cable to fail catastrophically. But even if the damage doesn’t go that far, heat production due to high frequencies will certainly impact the reliability of the cable and shorten its life significantly. By using our cable accessories with geometric field control elements built in, you will benefit financially from reduced maintenance requirements and a longer operational life.