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Medium Voltage

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Find exactly what you need within the NKT portfolio of medium voltage cables. Our medium voltage category includes medium voltage cables, universal cables, dynamic cables and accessories. All products are adapted to be able to interact and deliver the greatest possible value for the network owner.
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Medium voltage cables (or MV cables) are typically cables within the 6 kV up to 50 kV range. The cable design typically consists of a metallic conductor surrounded by an insulation system, enclosed with a metallic screen. MV cables, containing one or more conductors, is additionally surrounded by an outer sheath which serves as mechanical protection as well as moisture & water protection.
NKT manufacture premium medium voltage cables to meet your exact specifications. From 6 kV to 50 kV, single-core or multi-core, and with aluminium or copper conductors. We have a large cable portfolio for different markets, fitting all European standards and tested for a long service life.

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Medium Voltage Cables

Our range of medium voltage cables is definitely among the best in the industry. At NKT we develop cables for harsh terrain and tough climate conditions. Cables that will deliver value for many years.

Universal Cables

The NKT Universal Cable System gives you unlimited possibilities to build stable networks in complicated terrain conditions. Insulated cables to be used as overhead lines, in land or in water.

Dynamic Cables

Together with researchers and developers of wave and tidal power, NKT has designed dynamic cables for 1 kV and 24 kV that are optimised for the demanding conditions of the offshore industry.

Utilities Solutions

NKT - providing functional, environmentally adapted, reliable and economically advantageous systems for operators in generation, transmission, installation and distribution of electric power.