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We are building the world’s largest high voltage offshore cable production site

Image of Wind references
With a key geographical location​ – close to Europe’s offshore wind market, we are a leading supplier for renewable power transition with more than 50 awarded projects for offshore wind since 2010. EU aims to be climate neutral in 2050 with 300 GW renewable wind power – that will need a 25-fold increase in offshore wind capacity by 2050.  
We have invested heavily in our cable factory in Karlskrona to meet the demands of the green transition. In recent years, we have expanded the factory with for example a second cable tower NKT Lighthouse, a state-of-the-art cable laying vessel NKT Victoria, a new test laboratory and, not least, in our employees.
The latest and ongoing investment will turn the site into the world's largest production site for high voltage offshore cables - our expansion with a new third extrusion tower allows us to meet the growing demand for both larger and longer high voltage offshore cables needed in the green transition. The tower in the new factory will be the second highest tower in Sweden.
Our high voltage cables systems are connecting countries bringing renewable energy from one place to another. We connect a greener world.

Highlights of investment

Overview of capacity expansion project at NKT in Karlskrona

NKT site in Karlskrona with all three towers and NKT Victoria
  • Extrusion capacity increase - making it the ​world’s largest high voltage offshore cable production plant
  • Sweden’s second highest tower
  • Increase NKT employees with 500 persons – our largest production site 
  • Market-leading cable installation vessel with record-high capacity
  • The new assets will be operational from 2027

The second tallest tower in Sweden

In the tower, NKT will produce power cables up to 640 kV

Image of NKT Cable insulation
In the tower, the insulation system of the cable is applied through extrusion. The high tower is needed for the cooling of the cable which is hanging in a vertical position. 
The cables could be produced for up to 640,000 volt direct current (DC) and 3 gigawatt – equivalent to the power for all households in Denmark.

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