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NKT Agrippina is now ready to support the growing offshore wind market

Apr 20, 2021

NKT has christened its new energy-efficient power cable barge being part of a larger investment program to support the growing demand in offshore wind industry. The barge NKT Agrippina is now ready for her maiden trip transporting power cables for the German offshore wind project Ostwind 2.

Barge agrippina offshore
NKT Agrippina is named after the founder of Cologne, Germany, and is specially designed to transport offshore power cables on the river Rhine from the NKT factory in Cologne to the offshore loading centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 
After the official christening, NKT Agrippina is now ready to set out on her maiden trip proudly loaded with a section of the power cables for the German Ostwind 2 offshore wind project. NKT has ensured to design Agrippina to be energy-efficient and while in harbour she is connected to the quay utilizing green energy from the grid. 
- NKT Agrippina will support us in ensuring a stable and reliable path to the offshore harbour in Rotterdam where we also increase the capacity. With these investments, we strengthen our position as a leading provider of offshore power cables for the growing demand from the offshore wind industry, says Executive Vice President Mika Makela, who is heading the manufacturing site in Cologne.
With the positive market outlook and a strong order backlog, NKT is executing an investment program in its high-voltage facilities located in Cologne and Karlskrona to meet the growing demand for high-voltage power cables produced sustainable and with a minimal environmental impact from the transportation of the power cables. The two factories are strategically well-located for high-voltage projects in the North Sea and in the rest of Europe. 
Facts: NKT Agrippina
  • Length: 100.00m
  • Breadth moulded: 22.80
  • Depth: 5.00m
  • Maximum draught (from keel to waterline): 4.00m baseline
  • Light weight: 1,737 tons
  •  Dead weight: 4,305 tons
  • Designed for onshore power supply when in Harbour
Pelle Fischer-Nielsen
External Communications Officer
Pelle Fischer Nielsen