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High Voltage Joints

For straight-through or transition jointing between high voltage cables.

Whether you are jointing two LPOF cables or transitioning between LPOF and another cable technology, our power cable joints are ultra-reliable. Drawing on a wealth of expertise in oil-filled cable products (which extends back to our foundation in 1891), we manufacture premium high voltage joints in our own state-of-the-art production facilities in Germany and Sweden.
In addition, we offer a stop-joint product. This item is for single-core cable and serves to separate completely the insulating oil of two jointed LPOF cables.
Our broad selection of high voltage cable jointing products is sure to include a solution that’s absolutely right for you.
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  • Straight-through and transition jointing
  • For single-core and three-core cables
  • Operating voltages up to 145 kV/170 kV depending on product
  • Connect different cable cross sections with the stop joint

Working with Our High Voltage Joints

Our HV cable jointing products share the same premium qualities of best-in-class engineering and ease of installation as everything in our large range of high voltage accessories. Allow us to advise you as you select the products you need to complete your particular project. We have more than 100 years of experience in the cable industry to draw on.

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