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Accessories for low pressure oil-filled cable systems

A selection of premium high voltage joints for oil-filled cable construction

As a company, NKT has been working with oil-filled cables for around a century, so there is literally nothing we don’t know about that technology. Our range includes a selection of high voltage straight-through and stop joints for oil-filled cables. And these premium LPOF accessories are backed up by our industry-leading service, encompassing installation, monitoring, maintenance and disposal.
The LPOF joints incorporate best-in-class engineering. They provide features that really make a difference to useability and safety. For example, the straight-through joint for three-core LPOF cable includes oil-stop housings that reduce oil loss during installation. In the case of the stop joint, you have the ability to join cables of different cross sections.
High voltage cable accessories from our range come with over a century of experience built in. Their premium quality will become apparent not only when you joint LPOF cable but also over the long-term as the joints provide ultra-reliable service.
Köln Niehl


Why our high voltage LPOF accessories are the smart choice:
  • Achieve high levels of reliability with legacy LPOF cables
  • Oil leak prevention features
  • Designed for easy installation – everything necessary supplied
  • Long-term cost savings thanks to low maintenance

Working with Our High Voltage LPOF Accessories

Our range is not only well equipped to supply your high voltage LPOF cable joint needs – it can successfully integrate LPOF cables with other cable technologies. Have a look at our other product categories to see how we can serve your needs throughout the power supply chain.

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