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Innovation is key to us

For more than 130 years we have focused on innovation and technological developments. We are constantly looking for new solutions and applications to respond to the current market, customer needs and to prepare for future demands. When we develop, we use all our experience inhouse.
Test hall in Karlskrona for DC solution innovations
We are committed to a constant focus on research and development to deliver innovative and responsible products and solutions, and we invest continuously in the development of technology that takes our products and solutions to the next level.

Find out about our innovations

525 kV extruded HVDC cable systems

The record-breaking 525kV extruded HVDC cable system doubles transmission capacity over longer distances, enabling greater integration of renewables by power interconnections to the grid.

640 kV extruded HVDC cable systems

The world´s most powerful underground power transmission cable system is the latest result of our intensive investment in research and development in the field of HVDC transmission technology.