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Our Keys to the Perfect Job

At NKT, we adopt smart solutions to contribute to a better working environment for electricians.

Our installer solutions include practical cable packaging in Q-solutions, our innovative rip cord and our extensive development work to create good working conditions for installers.

We merge systems together

Learn more about NKT Q-Solutions

All electricians know how tedious it is to carry cable. It’s heavy and cumbersome. We want to help the pros do a good job without risking back and shoulders. That’s why we have put a lot of effort into Q-solutions - our ergonomic cable packaging.  

NKT success stories

Our success stories from different industries and product groups. Learn more about the projects’ specific requirements, their key details and the locations of their activities around the world.

NKT Contacts

Please contact any of our medium voltage cables specialists to learn more about our vast array of medium voltage cables.