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Triton Knoll offshore wind park with turbines and substation during sunny weather

Triton Knoll, UK

NKT contributes to the green transformation of the UK power supply delivering export and array cable systems to Triton Knoll.

Key facts - Triton Knoll



Location of project

Southern North Sea, UK

Quantity of order

Two 220 kV HVAC cable systems with a 857 MW power rating, 66 kV array cable system


2018 - 2021

Total export cable route length

50 km


  • Two 50 km long 220 kV three-core XLPE HVAC export cable systems and 144 km 66 kV XLPE HVAC array cable system
  • Design and engineering of the cable systems
  • Manufacturing of cables and cable accessories
  • Installation of export accessories
Triton Knoll project
Triton Knoll project
Triton Knoll project
Triton Knoll project

The project

NKT has the know-how and ability to connect a greener world.

The concern over the pace and impact of climate change continues and the need for offshore wind projects to nationally generate renewable energy increases constantly. One of the projects being realized to contribute to the green transformation of the UK is Triton Knoll.
Triton Knoll is one of the most cost effective wind farm projects in the UK and has the capacity to provide renewable energy for more than 800,000 households per year. The state-of-the-art offshore wind farm is located off the east coast of England, approximately 20 miles off the coast of Lincolnshire and 28 miles from the coast of north Norfolk. With all its 90 wind turbines in operation, Triton Knoll has a maximum capacity of 857 megawatts.
NKT was awarded by RWE (formerly Innogy) the manufacture and delivery of export and array cable systems for the Triton Knoll offshore windfarm. 
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The solution

NKT designed and manufactured export and array cable systems.

NKT’s contribution to the green transformation of the UK consists of two 50 km long 220 kV three-core XLPE HVAC export cable systems and 144 km of 66 kV array cables. The export cable systems link two offshore substation platforms to the onshore electrical grid and the array cables connect the 90 wind turbines and link those to the offshore substation. The project was executed in a consortium with Boskalis Subsea Cables and Flexibles.
Realizing an offshore wind project during the Covid-19 pandemic, the project team faced exceptional challenges. While continuing working on the project, it was always top priority to follow the required regulations and ensure the staff stayed healthy and well.
Triton Knoll is planned to be fully operational in 2022 and will provide 800,000 UK households with renewable energy. We are proud to say that - despite a challenging execution during 2020 - all our works were successfully completed on time.
Even in an exceptionally challenging situation, NKT has yet again proven to be a substantial and reliable partner in connecting a greener world.