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Maximizing the utility, increase the operational performance and monitor the cable's health

Electricity is fundamental in today's world, where power cables have become indispensable for energy supply security. Therefore, maximising cable asset utility is essential but challenging due to fluctuating demands in different markets and environments, as well as the introduction of new and renewable energy sources.
All of this shows the importance of transmitting power to what it is most needed. Cable monitoring supports you in maximising your cable throughput, preventing failures and reducing outage time, and extending the cable system lifespan.
With over 130 years in the cable industry, NKT collaborates closely with sensor system suppliers, such as fiber optic sensing systems, while also developing our own advanced monitoring systems, such as curvature montioring. Yet, the key benefits of a monitoring system come when you Integrate sensors with real-life knowledge and experience.
NKT provides access to a team of experts for who are skilled in drawing the right conclusions and making the right recommendations.

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Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology detects acoustic vibrations along submarine cables, alerting you to potential risks from nearby anchoring or fishing activities. This proactive approach enables our customers to take timely action, before any damage occurs to their offshore cable assets. DAS technology measures vibrations by responding to subtle changes in strain within the optical fiber integrated into submarine cables.
The resulting signals are analysed and presented to show the frequency and amplitude of the disturbance. In case of a failure, this technology serves as an additional source of information for fault location, as many failure modes manifest with vibrations that the system picks up.

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